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This is an example of a client-driven informational interview podcast. A sample script is below.

Sample Podcast Script

Hi, I’m James Pease and this is Take 5, Building Operating Management’s podcasts on topics of
interest to building and facility executives.

[Topic Setup]
Simplified design, streamlined construction and energy efficiency at every level; the Thermax
Wall System is a fundamentally different assembly option for steel stud construction that
eliminates the need for batt insulation, exterior gypsum and a separate vapor barrier while
contributing to a more efficient building envelope.

[Guest Introduction]

With us today to discuss the Thermax Wall System is Michael Kontranowski, Strategic
Marketing Manager with Dow Building Solutions. Mike has been with Dow for eighteen years,
mostly in the field in sales.  He is now in the future planning role on where Dow will next apply
its building solutions in the commercial, non-residential market.

[5 Question Interview]
Thanks for being with us today, Mike. First, can you go over the components of the new
Thermax Wall System that replace the more traditional materials associated with steel stud

How does this new wall system impact a building’s overall energy efficiency?............

OK, so how does the Thermax system achieve those efficiency benefits?...............

Impressive! So what kind of impact does this have on installation costs?...............

Any other reasons building owners should install the Thermax wall system?.............

Again, our guest today has been Michael Kontranowski, Strategic Marketing Manager for Dow
Building Solutions.

For more information on the Thermax wall system, visit Dow by clicking the more info button
on this page.

Thanks for listening. This has been Take 5.