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Forte Webcast Services

Webcasts can be educational, informational or training pieces and primarily consist of an audio recording of your presentation synced to a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation and then produced as an .mp4 or Flash video suitable for internet access on your server or website. Webcasts can included video clips or material from websites, either accessed during the recording of the presentation or edited in during post-production. Webcasts can also be hosted on an external server and written to CD or DVD for distribution, though distribution via the internet is more common. Specialized software is necessary to simultaneously record the audio and video portions of the webcast which you likely don't have access to. 

Forte can help with your production needs beginning at any stage. You are the subject matter expert; Forte is a production facility that assists you getting to the finished product.


  • Consults with you on your needs: design, audio recording, editing and/or post-production
  • Records and/or edits your audio presentation
  • Designs. edits and/or puts the finishing touches on your visual presentation
  • Produces your finished piece as a video file for posting
Forte saves you immense time and effort. The advantages of having Forte put your piece together are:
  • You don't have to invest in costly software
  • When recording you don't have to stop and start over everytime you make a mistake - everyone, even the pros, do!
  • If you trip over a word or don't like the way you say something, you simply stop, wait a few seconds and say, "I'm doing that line over" and continue.
  • Forte can greatly improve the quality of your voice-over
  • Forte edits the audio to a tight, polished presentation
  • If using additional audio such as music or clips, Forte will mix everything together for you
  • Forte syncs the audio with your visual so that everything is aligned properly in the proper format
  • Forte creates the finished video in the proper format for trouble-free posting or distribution
A common webcast need is post-production after you construct your PowerPoint and record the audio:
  • You send the audio file and PowerPoint to Forte (we can also record the audio for you)
  • Forte tweaks the audio quality and edits out mistakes and restarts
  • Aligns the audio with the PowerPoint slides 
  • Mixes in any additional audio
  • Adds in any additional video clips and/or material from the internet
  • Produces a finished, polished presentation for posting


Please contact us for a quote. There are many variables in the creation of a webcast and we will be pleased to tailor our services to your needs at an affordable cost.