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Enterprise spirit

Unity, truth-seeking, entrepreneurship, efficiency, and advancement.

Company purpose

Establish a customer-oriented service company to serve customers, serve the public, serve the world, and serve the future.

Company goals

Committed to reality, perseverance, seizing opportunities, and fighting hard, becoming the first in the same industry in China before 2020, becoming the world's number one in the industry by 2030.

Company philosophy

The company adheres to the philosophy of “employee first, customer second” and firmly believes that only by first serving the employees well can the employees truly serve the customers.

Company Culture

What is the "CLIS"? "CLIS" is a big family. We are a real company, a group of real people, forming a real family. We don't talk about advanced theory and gorgeous rhetoric. We create wealth for society and we create value for ourselves. In this big family, we are brothers and sisters. We understand each other, encourage each other, and help each other. We are suffering and suffering together. A difficult one, P Plus support. We pursue a common goal and do our common efforts to achieve our common ideals. We are a home, a warm and awkward home, a home full of affection, friendship, love, understanding, struggle, pursuit, ideals, and ambition. We took the same step and sang the same song of joy.

Love the motherland, love the people, love the cause, love work, love life, love friends, love loved ones. Let love be the source of all our developmental dynamics. We advocate ideal, ethical, and sentimental, promote a positive and healthy culture, and oppose decadent thinking. We advocate the integration of the excellent parts of Western modern science and civilization with the essence of Chinese Confucian culture for thousands of years, and form our own thinking and moral standards that conform to the development of the times. We advocate the atmosphere, generosity, tolerance, understanding, selflessness, mutual assistance, and abandon narrowness and selfishness.
After more than ten years of development, we have created a good corporate development environment and corporate culture. The company asks everyone to know that the company is not someone, the company is everyone's, it is social. The company is a social group, and the company's development is the result of the joint efforts of all the company's colleagues. All of us, including company leaders, are trained, trained and grown in this group and in this big family.

We strive to create good working conditions, working environment and working atmosphere, so that every colleague can enter the work with a happy mood and a healthy body and mind. We pay more attention to creating a good development environment for all colleagues, so that everyone who is talented, ambitious, responsible, and dedicated to work can maximize their ingenuity. While making the greatest contribution to the company, it also maximizes its value and at the same time gets the maximum return it deserves. Only in this way, we have achieved a virtuous circle of joint development between employees and the company, which is the best state we are pursuing as a company. At the same time, it also gives all employees a sense of pride and accomplishment in the company's work, which provides a guarantee for the company's continuous development.

We advocate the spirit of Yan'an. The Yanan spirit contains two meanings. The first is the spirit of hard struggle, and the second is the unprecedented prosperity of career, ideology and culture. Why are there countless aspiring young people going to Yan'an? We believe that Yanan represents an ideal, a spirit, and a hope. Although the material life of Yan'an is extremely poor, the spiritual life of Yan'an is extremely rich. Yan'an has created an infinite charm because of its unprecedented ideological and cultural prosperity, and has become a revolutionary holy place. We also need to learn and possess this spirit now. In addition to hard work and hard work, we must also strive to create a culture and spiritual system of our own ancestors, and then continue to self-improve, refine and sublimate, so that we can The team is also able to generate enough appeal to bring more like-minded newcomers to our team.

Team spirit is the most fundamental guarantee for our survival and development. How to emphasize it is not too important. Chairman Mao Zedong said that unity is power and unity is victory. Unity is always the magic weapon of our victory. "Three smugglers, the top one is Zhuge Liang." The spirit of "smelly cobbler" is what we must vigorously promote and advocate, and the phenomenon that "three monks have no water to drink" is something we firmly reject and criticize. At the same time, we must also remember that "three-person must have my teacher", colleagues must develop a modest and modest style of work, and promote team spirit of mutual learning, mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual help, and common progress. New employees must respect old colleagues, and old colleagues should care for new colleagues. For the sake of a common goal, everyone should learn from each other's strengths, work together, and develop together.

Humanized management

We promote humane management and we respect the dignity of every big family member. We do our best to provide you with as much care and help as possible. We believe in the beginning of human beings and good nature. Everyone is willing to do a good job. Therefore, we are always based on positive encouragement. We also always look at the strengths of each employee, not the shortcomings. We allow employees to make mistakes, whether big or small. As long as you understand correctly, your attitude is correct and you can change it. But we don't allow attitudes that don't have a correct understanding, because it's bad or even dangerous for both the employee and the company. If you don’t sum up your experience in time, learn the lesson, don’t commit it now, and commit it later. So this is what we have to overcome and avoid.

Standardized management

We are a very regulated company. We not only require the company to abide by the law, but also require all employees of the company to abide by the law while maintaining their legitimate rights and interests. The company ensures that every official contracted employee enjoys the benefits such as medical insurance, pension insurance, housing provident fund and other national statutory holidays. We require our employees to fulfill their obligations while enjoying legal rights. If it is not conducive to unity, we will resolutely say that the company’s business secrets must be strictly adhered to. The company will do its utmost to evaluate the performance and contribution of each employee fairly, objectively and accurately. The company's good development history and the high loyalty and strong professionalism of the employees to the company also prove that the company has done a good job in terms of employee returns. So we ask each employee to focus on their own work. The work is done well, the company has developed, and the employees have naturally developed.

We always believe that it is more important to cultivate long-term qualified pioneers than to obtain short-term benefits. Mr. Matsushita Yukio said that Matsushita is actually a school that trains people, but only produces some products by the way. We feel most gratified when we don’t receive a lot of orders, but we see our employees’ sense of responsibility, good professionalism, superb business and strong masters through a small amount of things. Time of consciousness. Because this reflects the excellent quality and good business quality of the Xianchen people, it shows that the Xianchen people are qualified. And the qualified pioneers will certainly ensure that we can build a sustainable development company.

Therefore, we allow some ups and downs in the company's business, or some failures, but we do not allow team building problems. We always regard team building as the most important thing to do. We also regard the current workforce, which has grown up over the past decade, as our most valuable asset.

What we do is international trade, and the main ones are the modest gentlemen in the Western civilization countries. Therefore, we require each colleague to focus on improving their cultural accomplishment and the level of civility and courtesy. Do the decent manners, dress dignified and generous. Our guests often judge whether we are the right partner from a very subtle sentence, a word, an action, and a look. Therefore, when dealing with any guest, we must demonstrate the good qualities, enthusiasm, friendliness, honesty and courtesy that we should embody as a great civilization in the East. Be both thoughtful and generous, and not humble. Winning the understanding and respect of each other and winning the cooperation opportunities of both parties. In the cooperation with suppliers, it is also necessary to treat people with courtesy and equal treatment. They are not condescending, they are not vocal, they work with them in an equal and cooperative manner, and do their best to help them. We must always remember that all the work we do is for service. Serve customers and also serve suppliers. Without the sincere cooperation of the suppliers, we will accomplish nothing. Therefore, we must be honest with suppliers. We must not only win the trust of our customers, but we must also win the respect and trust of our suppliers. The success or failure of the company depends on the quality of our service. The quality of service depends on the quality of our own quality. Therefore, we must always pay attention to improving our own quality and ensure that our services are maintained at the highest level.

We advocate criticism and self-criticism. In particular, newcomers must hone strong will, cultivate a high degree of discipline, and cultivate excellent qualities of hard work and hard work. To stand up to criticism, to withstand setbacks, and even stand up to grievances, and to be brave in self-criticism. The road to success has never been smooth, and the necessary training will be the most valuable asset in your life.

We advocate creative thinking, encourage innovation, and oppose rigidity. Learn the correct way of thinking, cultivate and improve the ability to analyze and solve problems correctly. Business is made, there is no ready-made formula. We are experiencing a lot of problems every day, and we are solving them every day. Our work consists of three main elements: foresight, problem finding and problem solving. If we don't have the right way of thinking, keen observation, especially creative thinking, and the ability to solve problems flexibly, we will be extremely passive in our work.

We emphasize that we live to be old and learn to be old. Everyone must pay attention to strengthen learning and improve their own business level, theoretical level and level of thinking. Otherwise, we will not be able to keep up with the ever-changing knowledge development, and we will be eliminated in the fierce market competition. Therefore, we must develop a good learning atmosphere, including theoretical study and practical study. The company will also provide more systematic learning and training opportunities in Xianchen College, so that the knowledge update and progress obtained through re-learning, re-training, re-education and sending out, please come in and study abroad will become the company's sustainable development. Guarantee.

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