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1. First, could you tell us a little about why STOKO has stepped to the forefront in the battle
against MRSA?

2. What, exactly, is MRSA?

3. Just how big a problem is Community Acquired-MRSA?

4. With that many people carrying staph, I’d think it must be a serious concern about being
carried into health care facilities.

5. Other than health care, there are a number of other types of facilities conducive to spreading
staph come to mind pretty quickly.

6. OK, washing hands and using sanitizer. Are there other products or procedures that minimize
the risk of infection?

7. So, those are the simple steps that we can take to defeat the Super bug: keep shared
surfaces clean; cover all cuts and abrasions; have everyone wash their hands thoroughly and
often; and provide skin moisturizers to encourage hand washing and make the skin more
resistant to minor injuries. That’s the program?